Not everything that looks the same is the same. Let us help you through the minefield and choose the right dash cam for you.

What is important and what is not?

Image Quality: Many cheaper cams have poor optics and will be worse than useless if you need to read a number plate on a moving vehicle.

SD Card size: Not so important since the recording will just loop over but if you want to record for a while, say when parked the bigger the card the better.

Hardwire or Plug & play: If you don’t mind wires trailing across the windscreen and dash to the cigar lighter, you can fit it yourself, however, we only do professional hardwire installations where the wires are tucked away neatly.

Insurance discount: Some insurance companies may offer a discount but peace of mind is a better incentive to have a dash-cam.

DAB signal: In our experience nearly every customer supplied witness camera we have fitted will blank out the DAB radio signal on the car. We have discovered that Thinkware cameras are immune to this.

Conclusion: Cheap cameras badly fitted can work out more expensive than a pro fitted quality Thinkware camera.

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Prices start from £130 for Thinkware front camera fully hardwire fitted inc VAT; see the website for more…

Thinkware f200 camera
Thinkware Dash-cam F100
Thinkware Dash-cam F770
Thinkware Dash Cam lock box

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A live example of Thinkware camera in action (feb 2017) Prices may have changed 🙂

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