Vehicle Trackers

High-end vehicle theft is on the rise in the UK and with many keyless entry systems now being found on more cars the crooks are finding more sophisticated ways of stealing your vehicle.

Don’t worry we have the answers.

What do you want to do? Know where your car is all the time with a tracker or maybe Upgrade the factory alarm system or Stop them from even getting your car to start?

If you don’t need full fleet tracking system (we can supply this too) and all you need is to know where the vehicle is and track its movements then you should consider the reasonably priced MetaTrack Shield.

Our security alarm systems are pro fit and come from Italian company MetaSystem and we also use South African Autowatch products which are very good. Ask for a quote for your car, van, motorhome or caravan.

If you have one of the newer vehicles with keyless entry we can make it that only you can start the car. Only you will know the sequence of switches or buttons to press before your car will start. This system is invisible to the crooks decoding equipment and there is no way around it since the pin configuration is only in your head. Find out more about the Autowatch Ghost…

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Prices start from £250 for car alarms and vehicle trackers fitted inc VAT; see the website for more…

Ghost Immobilizer

Impossible to steal a vehicle with a Ghost on it because the pin is in the drivers head.

Autowatch Ghost

The Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. The only way a thief could take a Ghost protected car is by physically towing it away, even then they will never be able to drive it! The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location.

Meta tracking

MetaTrak Shield an innovative entry-level GPS tracking system with all the features of an insurance approved product. Simple two wire installation.

Meta Trak Shield

The MetaTrak Shield is a GPS/GSM Stolen vehicle tracking system designed to suit anyone wanting to monitor their own cars or vans etc. The MetaTrak Shield product is a waterproof unit suitable for both 12 and 24v vehicles.
Price (unfitted) Includes One Year Subscription.
Not Thatcham accredited.

Caravan Alarm

The Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm is supplied with two robust four button remotes and two touch keys.

Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm

The Autowatch 650 Security Systems is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble-free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan is well protected.

Land Rover Jaguar Antitheft

Your new Range Rover / Land Rover and Jaguar is susceptible to the latest scammers tool

Cobra A4615ADR Land Rover Jaguar

it's now possible to programme a key from the outside of the vehicle by accessing it's loom. So no damage done to the car, once they are inside and can start the vehicle The A4615ADR immobilises the vehicle and can only be started by the owners presence in the vehicle.

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