Five ways to get a discount.

We try to offer the best value, quality products at the best prices, see offers“. Sometimes we are able to offer an added incentive. From time to time our discount voucher codes are activated on various products. See if you can find a bargain below…

1. Ask Us

If you are unable to find a discount code on any of our websites simply call us on 01368 860800 or contact us to see if we can help.

2. YouTube

Check our YouTube channel for special offers and voucher codes. IE: January sale on RetroSound products.

3. Instagram

We regularly run promotions on our Instagram account, this is a great place to find nuggets, visit us often or follow our profile.

4. Facebook

Because we have several specialist websites with different product offers our social media pages (Facebook etc) can be found here… 

5. Our Websites We always have specials on the website, check them here… from time to time will have discount codes which you can find on our YouTube channel. Audison Prima range at 10% off using RAY10 This is where you can get your own website improved or built. We always have special offers here.

Things to remember.

Price should not be your only deciding factor when making a Car Audio purchase.

Many vendors may appear to be the cheapest on the internet, but are the products genuine and covered by a full Uk warranty? Some European sellers look like they are cheaper, but if the product has problems you will need to ship it back to them and wait for a repair or replacement if you are lucky.

Products from China look ridiculously cheap and common sense should be warning you, however, we are being asked to install more and more of this junk and the failure rate is alarming, so all we can say is; buyer beware!

We only supply genuine products backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and with our fast delivery and online help chat, no quibble returns and great after sales service why would you want to shop anywhere else? 🙂  


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