Parking aids such as reversing sensors and rearview cameras are essential for the safety of pedestrians and the bodywork on your car. How do you choose the right product?

We believe, after around 40 years of research and trials, we have found the most accurate and the most reliable parking products on the market today.

Fitting parking sensors properly often involves removal of the bumpers to ensure correct sensor placement and cable runs, for reliable operation this has to be done properly!

We fit sensors to many brand new cars for the main dealers in Edinburgh and offer them colour matched to the exact paint code so when we are finished with your car they look like the factory option.

Reversing cameras can be added with either add-on monitor (mirror or dash) or if your car is compatible they can be connected to your dash screen.

Prices start from £230 for painted rear sensors fully fitted inc VAT; see the website for more…

reversing sensors fitted
parking sensors on Land Rover
Camper van rear parking camera
High quality parking sensors

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