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Classic Car Stereo (check offers regularly)

Ray Smith started his car audio business in 1975, before that, he worked as a car radio fitter and later repaired old Radiomobile/ Motorola/ Blaupunkt/ Becker and Philips radios for Eastern Car Radio in Edinburgh. When more recently Retrosound USA started making modern radios that looked like the old stuff it seemed natural that we should carry the range and promote to a new/ older audience.

The process of importing these things from the states is complicated and with volatile currency exchange rates and import/ shipping costs spiralling it is not easy to try to keep the prices down. Now Mr Trump is not helping with Chinese import tariffs forcing prices up.

However, we are supporting the full Classic car audio range and have recently purchased an old 1983 Jaguar XJ6 to make into a demonstration vehicle to showcase the top of the range Retrosound radio and a killer Audison/Hertz sound upgrade. This old car rocks and the full story can be found here…  

We have created a specialist website for the Retro range, see it at

If you would like to talk to us about a wireless for your old car give us a call on 01368 860800 or contact us by chat or email. 

RetroSound Classic car radio
Retrosound Classic stereo
Dual Voice Coil Speakers
electric antenna for car

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