We have built many good sounding cars over the years, many sound challenge winners (see our showroom trophy cabinet) but when Paul Demarco, the owner of a local car valeting company asked us to do his Subaru Impreza it was to be a different experience for us.

The first thing we do when asked about a sound system is to basically interview the customer to find out exactly what kind of music he likes and how much, if any modifications to trim.and bodywork of his vehicle he is comfortable with. 

Then, of course, there is a budget and timescale to discuss. To every question, Pauls just asked: “will it be loud?”

So with open-ended everything and the only brief being it has to be loud, we began. 

The Hertz Products we recommend amounted to a very large number which got the green light from Paul and he arranged the fabrication work to done by some friends of his to save costs. We simply wired it all together and the results are earning Paul trophies of his own for the loudest car in its class.  

To feed the enormous amount of current needed for this system we used a mains power supply because at full tilt the cars own battery would last about fifteen minutes. This vehicle also had the very first Alpine halo 9 installed in Scotland. 

You would have to ask Paul if it was all worth it, he is still smiling and every time he’s in the shop he askes what’s next? What more can we do? The man is mad 🙂  

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