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About CarAudioStuff


We are a small team of specialist car audio enthusiasts based in a small Dunbar industrial estate with a vast range of knowledge of all things In-Car and we’re pretty good at web design too.

Ray started the business in 1975 so while he is no spring chicken and creaks a wee bit, the old grey matter is still working pretty well. Darren started as a boy with Ray when in the big Edinburgh branch and now Daz does all the hard work, Installing all the lovely toys we sell.

When he is not doing that, he and Ray build and maintain the car audio stuff websites.


Our website e-commerce business could be run from anywhere and since Daz and Ray both live there it seemed like a good idea.

The workshop jobs are becoming more specialized in that sound upgrades to standard factory systems is now popular and since specialising in Classic car radio installations, travelling to Dunbar seems to be ok with most folks.

Dunbar is a great wee place with a lively high street, a lovely harbour and a couple of golf courses. Just off the A1 heading south from Edinburgh (about 30 minutes drive).

Just past the Mcdonalds and Asda is the Garden Centre where you can have a spot of lunch while you are waiting for your car. There is also a good coffee shop called Graze in the high street that we can run you to when you book in for work on your vehicle.     

If you would like to talk to us about anything for your car give us a call on 01368 860800 or if you would like a written quote click here…

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